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These courses explore God’s heart for the nations. From Genesis to Revelation, God reveals Himself and His glorious saving work among all nations (Psalm 67:1). God blessed Abraham so that He could be a blessing to all nations (Genesis 12:2,3). In Revelation 7, John sees a vision of people from every tribe, tongue, and nation worshipping Jesus on His throne. Ministry leaders unpack the role internationals play in God’s beautiful redemptive plan. Plus they share lots of great stories.

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Lisa - God's Heart Two Suitcases Thumbnail

Two Suitcases, a Guitar, a Prayer and a Purpose: God’s Heart for the Future Leaders in our Midst

Trae - God's Hear An Extra Plate Thumbnail

An Extra Plate at your Table: Reaching the Nations Here and Now

Rich - God's Heart Exponential Impact Thumbnail

Exponential Impact: God Has Sent Internationals to You!

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Meet the Ministry Leaders

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Lisa came to North America with a purpose: to be equipped to better serve her nation, the Philippines. She has done that, and more. Lisa served as executive director of an international student ministry and now travels around the world captivating audiences with her passion for the nations. In this lesson Lisa suggests three reasons we should open our homes, lives, and churches to the internationals in our midst.

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Trae gave up a career in finance to devote his career to reaching the nations with the love of Jesus. He now leads one of the largest international student ministries in North America. Trae fills this lesson with stories from the Bible and his own life to explain why reaching international students is so strategic. Internationals make an exceptionally strategic mission field that one day can become an exceptionally strategic mission force because they are culturally attuned, well-respected, well-prepared, and well-connected.

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One of the most respected international student ministry leaders in North America, Rich has spent four decades reaching internationals in Ohio. He challenges to consider unreached people groups that make up 42% of the world’s population. Rich uses the book of Acts to explain that international student ministry is not new. He then tells stories that capture the exponential impact that international students can make for Jesus.

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