Tips for Befriending Internationals

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About the course

These lessons address practical questions. How can I meet and befriend an international student? What should I do with them? How can I build trust? How can I overcome my fears? After completing these lesson, you should have many of your practical questions answered and be ready to befriend an international with confidence.

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Chewing Gum & Planting Seeds: Befriending International Students

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Spicy Russian Mustard: Overcoming Barriers to Engage New Cultures

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International Show and Tell: Sharing Life and the Gospel Interculturally

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Generous Lives that Build Trusting Relationships

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Lee Ann

Lee Ann loves to welcome, serve and befriend international students. In this lesson, she contrasts the anxiety she felt on her first trip to Ethiopia with the peace that came through her local guide. How can we be comforting guides as we welcome and befriend international students? Lee Ann provides practical tips on how to meet internationals and build trusting relationships.

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Kevin has worked with students in Russia and throughout North America. He knows well the challenges and barriers to engaging new cultures. He shares candidly about times when fear or ignorance became barriers to reaching across cultural barriers. Hear how we can overcome these barriers, even if it means being covered in spicy Russian mustard!

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For over twenty years Paula has welcomed international students into her home in California. She has worked on the staff of a large church and as director or board chair of various international student organizations. Paula loves to help churches and individuals figure ways to best serve the internationals in their midst. In this lesson, she provides simple suggestions on using your home and other practical ways to serve internationals.

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In the 1990s, Jovin journeyed from Ghana to the US for graduate studies. She now serves as a regional leader of a campus ministry and has a unique ability to cross cultures to build lasting, trust-filled relationships. In this lesson, Jovin offers profound insight in how to build and sustain relationships across cultures. She utilizes cultural experts and her own experiences to challenge us to live generous lives that clearly point internationals to Jesus.

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