What is Friends for Dinner?

Friends for Dinner is a hospitality initiative taken by churches and Christian ministries that brings International Students into the homes of local Christian hosts for a meal during the traditional holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. During these meals, friendships are created and opportunities to share the love of Christ are born.

Friends for Dinner offers ministry staff workers a platform and training to help them connect volunteers in their communities with international students on their campuses.

Friends for Dinner will provide promo materials, training for your volunteers (through the EveryInternational.com website), registration and follow up forms. They also provide detailed step by step directions on how you can organize both the volunteer hosts and students. 

Host and student registration sign ups are hosted through the Friends for Dinner website. Visit the U.S. site here or the Canadian site here.

Steps for Running a Campaign

  1. Pray and build a team to help you, this is essential to running an effective Friends for Dinner campaign in your city.

  2. Make any necessary edits to the registration forms for both students and hosts.

  3. Promote Friends for Dinner both to hosts and international students. This can be done through churches for hosts and universities for students.

  4. Follow up with host registrations by contacting the references of potential hosts to ensure they are a good match for the program.

  5. Match hosts to students, based on the information they give you in the registration forms.

  6. Send out emails to both the hosts and students about whom they are matched with and inform hosts of the training material.

  7. Pray for the hosts and students that are participating and enjoy time with students you are hosting.

  8. Wrap up by sending out feedback forms to hosts and students to see how things went.

Friends for Dinner Values

Host families demonstrating kindness and love through hospitality in the home. This means that we do not recommend providing large dinners in church buildings or other locations.

Providing an easy entry point or “on-ramp” for host families to begin relationships with international students.

Providing training and resources to host families about the cultural and religious backgrounds of their students in order to help them to be sensitive and respectful to them.

Encouraging host families to continue building their relationships with their students beyond their first encounter.

Working in collaboration with university administrations and/or their international student offices if possible.

If you are interested in participating we can send you the entire training packet to run a Friends for Dinner Campaign. Contact us at info@everyinternational.com.

How will God use you in the life of an international?

EveryInternational® aims to help you grow in your confidence in befriending internationals and sharing your faith with them. After completing a course you become eligible for free distance coaching to help you continue your ministry journey.

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