Marc - North America

Becoming Aware of Your Own Culture

Marc profile
Marc North America
16 Minutes
Denis - Different Hats Lesson Thumbnail

Becoming Transcultural

Denis Profile Photo
Denis North America
11 Minutes

Befriending a Refugee Family

Mark North America
17 Minutes

Biblical View of Immigrants

Matthew North America
18 Minutes
Paula - Show And Tell Lesson Thumbnail

Building Friendships Across Cultures

Paula Profile Photo
Paula North America
16 Minutes
Alexander - Western Europe

Changing How You View Missions

Alexander Profile
Alexander Western Europe
11 Minutes
Lea Ann - Connecting the Gospel to Life lesson thumbnail

Connecting the Gospel to Life

LeeAnn Profile Photo
Lea Ann North America
16 Minutes
Abby - Reaching Chinese Lesson Thumbnail

Connecting to Chinese Students

Abby Profile
Abby East Asia
17 Minutes

Cultural Operating Systems

Chris Profile Photo
Chris North America
12 Minutes
Yaw - West Africa

Developing Christ-like Leaders

Yaw profile
Yaw West Africa
20 Minutes
Lisa - Two Suitcases Lesson Thumbnail

Embracing World Leaders in Our Midst

Lisa Profile Photo
Lisa Southeast Asia
15 Minutes
Rich Engaging In Spiritual Warfare Lesson Thumbnail

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare

Rich Profile Photo
Rich North America
17 Minutes
Rich - Exponential Impact Lesson Thumbnail

Engaging the Unengaged

Rich Profile Photo
Rich North America
21 Minutes
Denis - Different Hats Lesson Thumbnail

Entering Multiple Cultures

Denis Profile Photo
Denis North America
19 Minutes
Jovin - Generous Lives Lesson Thumbnail

Establishing Trust

Jovin Profile Photo
Jovin West Africa
17 Minutes
Chris - Honor Restored Lesson Thumbnail

Explaining the Gospel to Honor/Shame Cultures

Chris Profile Photo
Chris North America
10 Minutes

Helping New Converts Navigate Family Issues

Osman East Africa
12 Minutes
Blake - North America

Hosting Students for the Holidays

Blake Profile
Blake North America
14 Minutes
Protim - 1 Way Lesson Thumbnail

Immersing in South Asian Culture

Protim Profile
Protim South Asia
14 Minutes

Journeying with Your Friends

Abby North America
11 Minutes
Valerie - Bible Study Lesson Thumbnail

Leading a Transferable Bible Study

Valerie Profile Photo
Valerie North America
15 Minutes
Severin - Love The Foreigner Lesson Thumbnail

Loving the Foreigner

Severin Profile
Severin East Africa
16 Minutes
Kurnia - Global Christians Lesson Thumbnail

Moving as God Moves

Kurina profile
Kurnia Southeast Asia
18 Minutes
Kevin - Spicy Russian Lesson Thumbnail

Overcoming Barriers

Kevin Profile Photo
Kevin North America
10 Minutes

Partnering with Christian Immigrants

Christy North America
16 Minutes
Paula Praying With And For Internationals Lesson Thumbnail

Praying with and for Internationals

Paula Profile Photo
Paula North America
18 Minutes
Heidi - Western Europe

Preparing Your Disciples to Return Home

Heidi Profile
Heidi Western Europe
18 Minutes
Nate - Middle East

Producing Lifelong Laborers

Nate profile
Nate Middle East
13 Minutes
Trae - Extra Plate Lesson Thumbnail

Reaching the Nations Here and Now

Trae Profile Photo
Trae North America
19 Minutes
Krista - North America

Relating to Muslim Women

Krista Profile
Krista North America
13 Minutes
Leiton - Oceania

Starting an ISM at a Local Church

Leiton profile
Leiton Oceania
15 Minutes

Three Stages of an Immigrant’s Experience

Donna North America
17 Minutes

Understanding and Reaching African Immigrants

Emmanuel Central Africa
17 Minutes
Tiffany - WeChat Lesson Thumbnail

Understanding and Reaching Chinese

Tiffany Profile Photo
Tiffany East Asia
16 Minutes

Understanding and Reaching Hispanic Immigrants

Ubi Central America
8 Minutes
Davood - Dispelling Myths Lesson Thumbnail

Understanding and Reaching Muslims

Davood Profile Photo
Davood Central Asia
8 Minutes
Ryan - Curry Cricket Lesson Thumbnail

Understanding and Reaching South Asians

Ryan Profile Photo
Ryan North America
16 Minutes

Using ESL Classes Effectively

Mike North America
13 Minutes

Using Hospitality to Share the Gospel

gloria profile
Gloria Southeast Asia
15 Minutes
Estera - Getting To Know Lesson Thumbnail

Working with the University

Estera Profile
Estera Eastern Europe
14 Minutes
Zeke - Most Powerful Lesson Thumbnail

Writing Your Personal Testimony

Zeke Profile Photo
Zeke North America
17 Minutes

How will God use you in the life of an international?

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