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The nations are here, now!

Have you noticed the increased diversity in your community, school, or place of work? Do you want to connect with those from other cultures, but you feel stuck on how to do it? Are you afraid of offending someone or making an awkward mistake?

We offer four cross-cultural ministry training courses so you can engage international students and immigrants with confidence. The first three courses focus on reaching international students and are divided based on your experience level. The focus of the fourth course is immigrants and refugees. Courses are built from our carefully crafted lessons on important topics that will equip you to be Christ's ambassador to the nations, no matter your ministry experience. Our content is for anyone who wants to be part of the Great Commission, you don’t need to be “in ministry” or have all the right answers. You just need a willing heart. We help you build genuine friendships, share the Gospel naturally, and even disciple those who come to Christ.

God has orchestrated world history to bring students, refugees, and immigrants from around the world directly to you. The nations are here, now! Join us in reaching them.

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What can you expect?

  • 40+ training videos teach you how to build relationships of trust and share the gospel of Jesus
  • Reflection/discussion questions for each lesson
  • Review questions for each lesson including a challenge/application question to help you apply what you are learning
  • Learn the ministry skills: Discovering God's Heart, Understanding Worldviews, Befriending Internationals, Sharing Christ's Love, Developing Leaders, Launching an International Ministry
  • Earn badges for completing all lessons in a skill set
  • Earn a certificate for completing a course
  • Distance coaching from an experienced ministry leader after completing a course
  • Monthly live webinars on timely topics where you can ask questions
  • All lessons, webinars, resources, and even coaching are completely free!

Built to help you develop the ministry skills you need and 100% free.

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How will God use you in the life of an international?

EveryInternational® aims to help you grow in your confidence in befriending internationals and sharing your faith with them. After completing a course you become eligible for free distance coaching to help you continue your ministry journey.

Join EveryInternational today and reach the nations with us.