Set Up Process

Consultation to meet to get to know one another. This is usually around 45 minutes.


We will send our recommendations of which lessons to include in 1-3 business days. Recommendations are sent via a google doc (Lesson Menu) that lists all lessons with a one sentence description so you can familiarize yourself with all available options. All lessons are listed but recommended lessons are highlighted as either yes or maybe. 


You accept or make edits to the lesson recommendations.


We send you a written description of the course and lesson goals for your approval and editing with 1-3 business days of receiving your decision on lessons to include. You may also write this yourself if you prefer.


You send us:

  • Requested edits to the course description and learning goals.
  • Church/ministry logo (in png format with a transparent background)
  • One minute intro video from a church/ministry leader. This video should explain why you want the congregation to use the material and if you have any specific plans for its use you can share this as well. (Video should be filmed in an aspect ratio of 16:9, this can be accomplished through filming horizontally on a smartphone. Shoot your video in a quiet environment with no background noise so your voice can be clearly heard. Use a tripod or something to steady the camera. You should be approximately 2 feet from the recording smartphone so that your head, shoulders, and upper body are seen. Please see an example here.)
  • The names and EveryInternational account emails of the individuals that will be monitoring engagement of the course.


We’ll set up the course and send it back to you for final approval within 2-4 business days of receiving the above content.


Start promoting your course at church! See our promo page for ideas. If you want to use any of our promo material just let us know.

How will God use you in the life of an international?

EveryInternational® aims to help you grow in your confidence in befriending internationals and sharing your faith with them. After completing a course you become eligible for free distance coaching to help you continue your ministry journey.

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