Ideas to Promote Your Customized Course

1. Find an ambassador at your church, someone already doing international ministry, that will help propel EveryInternational training and ministering to internationals.

2. Show one of the vision casting videos during your service a few weeks in a row.

3. Preview the first few minutes of the first lesson in your course and encourage church members to finish the video at home.

4. Place business cards on pews/chairs or pass out along with a bulletin. As people wait for the service to start they may visit the page.

5. Hang up flyers in prominent locations in the church.

6. Give away promotional items. (Ordering details below)

7. Include on your church website. This is especially important now as some people have not returned to in person church and will miss handouts and some announcements made in person.

8. Share as part of your regular church communications, text, emails, app notifications, etc.

9. Share on your social media pages. (more than once)

10. Launch alongside your missions conference or special programs (Friendship Partners, ESL, etc.)

11. To encourage involvement organize simple events such as an international movie night, a shopping trip to an international market, or dining at an authentic ethnic restaurant.

Take Advantage of Our Marketing Package

All content is customized for the church. Customized elements include: a unique QR code that points to church course, church logo, course URL address, and a brief blurb about the course. We can use photos you supply or stock images. View the images below for an example, click to enlarge.

Contact us at [email protected] with questions or to order promotional items.

How will God use you in the life of an international?

EveryInternational® aims to help you grow in your confidence in befriending internationals and sharing your faith with them. After completing a course you become eligible for free distance coaching to help you continue your ministry journey.

Join EveryInternational today and reach the nations with us.