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For more than 40 years, Helping International Students (HIS) has been welcoming the nations to Manhattan, Kansas. There are currently over 1,500 international students from 100 countries studying at Kansas State and we pray that each of them will meet Christ while here. Over the years thousands of internationals at K-State have enjoyed warm hospitality and friendships with American Christians through HIS. What started at one local church with only a few friendship partners has blossomed into a collaboration of more than 25 local churches and K-State campus ministries. We are so glad you are joining us as together we strive for every international in Manhattan to experience the love of Christ through friendship.

The lessons below will help you as you take those first steps in building a friendship with someone different than you. We ask that you complete the four required lessons before you are matched with your HIS Friend. The second set of lessons are recommended to help you gain even greater understanding of how to engage someone from another culture with the gospel of Christ. The last set of lessons might have a video specific to your new friend’s culture. If so, this will teach you insights and ideas for connecting with them!

Be sure to request a new international HIS Friend by signing up at hismanhattan.org/friends! If you’ve already created a HIS Friends account, or have had a HIS Friend in the past, be sure to increase your friend request number to reflect that you would like +1 more friend. (Example: If you’ve been matched with a total of 3 HIS Friends on our website in the past, please increase your “number of friends requested” number to “4”!)

After you’ve completed the four required lessons below, our HIS team will be ready to match you with a new HIS Friend.

If you have any questions about this HIS Friends training course, questions specific to your HIS Friend and their culture or religion, would like additional resources, or need anything at all to help you in your HIS Friendship, please contact the HIS office by emailing [email protected].

Note: In order to access lessons you must first create an account and then enroll in the course by clicking the "Take This Course" button.

Lessons (12)

What You'll Learn

  • Understand God's heart for international students
  • Gain confidence in reaching out to people from different cultures
  • How to build genuine relationships with people different than you
  • How to integrate spiritual conversations into everyday life

Discover Our Lessons

Meet the Ministry Leaders

Lisa Profile Photo


Lisa came to North America with a purpose: to be equipped to better serve her nation, the Philippines. She has done that, and more. Lisa served as executive director of an international student ministry and now travels around the world captivating audiences with her passion for the nations. In this lesson Lisa suggests three reasons we should open our homes, lives, and churches to the internationals in our midst.

Kevin Profile Photo


Kevin has worked with students in Russia and throughout North America. He knows well the challenges and barriers to engaging new cultures. He shares candidly about times when fear or ignorance became barriers to reaching across cultural barriers. Hear how we can overcome these barriers, even if it means being covered in spicy Russian mustard!

Paula Profile Photo


For over twenty years, Paula has welcomed international students into her home in California. She’s held leadership roles in both church and international student ministry organizations. Paula loves to promote prayer and help churches and individuals grow in loving the internationals in their midst. In her first lesson she provides practical tips for ministry and simple suggestions on using your home to serve internationals. In her second lesson, Paula shares how to grow in prayer and how to encourage prayer among your international friends.

LeeAnn Profile Photo

Lea Ann

Lea Ann loves to welcome, serve and befriend international students. In this lesson, she contrasts the anxiety she felt on her first trip to Ethiopia with the peace that came through her local guide. How can we be comforting guides as we welcome and befriend international students? Lea Ann provides practical tips on how to meet internationals and build trusting relationships.

Chris Profile Photo


Over the past two decades Chris has worked with students in East Asia, North America, and Western Europe. He has experienced that people operate in one of three cultural operating systems: fear/power, guilt/innocence, or honor/shame. Most gospel presentations focus on guilt-innocence but most international students come from honor/shame cultures. In this lesson, Chris introduces Honor Restored, a new digital evangelistic tool for honor-shame cultures.

Abby profile


Abby has been in ministry for over 16 years, two of which were spent overseas in South Asia. She is on staff with Cru and lives just outside of what is known as “the most diverse square mile in America.” Living in a popular resettlement location for refugees, Abby has plenty of opportunity to live out her calling to love immigrants and refugees through friendship and hospitality all in the name of Christ.

Zeke Profile Photo


For over four decades, Zeke has been working with high school and university students. With grandfatherly wit and charm, he connects with people of any age and background. Zeke has developed a unique way of training people in how to utilize their personal testimony to point people to Christ. In this lesson, Zeke shares some of his tips on how to craft your story to become your most powerful ministry tool.

Ryan Profile Photo


Years ago Ryan had a lot of misconceptions about India. But friendships with many South Asian students gave him a deep love for one of the least reach parts of the world. Well informed with unique insights, Ryan challenges us to be intentional and immersive learners of South Asians. Prepare to be stretched in mind and heart as you learn to take intentional steps into this wonderful and diverse culture.

Tiffany Profile Photo


Tiffany grew up in East Asia then spent years working with Chinese students in an Ivy League school. She offers a profound historical and contemporary explanation of Chinese students in North America. Her hope is to equip you to understand this “WeChat” generation that they might become world leaders, burdened with the love of Christ.

Davood Profile Photo


Davood grew up as a Muslim in Central Asia but later came to Christ. In this talk he suggests that the barriers preventing Muslims from following Jesus are not primarily intellectual but emotional. He explains how to address fundamental heart issues with practical tips on sharing Jesus’ love with your Muslim friends.

Emmanuel Ambane profile


Emmanuel was born and raised in Cameroon and went to the United States as an international student athlete. While studying in the States he became a Christian. He has been in international student ministry for over a decade and is currently on staff with InterVarsity. Emmanuel is passionate about helping African students grow in their faith and make a global impact for Christ.

Ubi Robles Profile


Ubi grew up in a bordertown on the Mexico side. He went to college in Texas crossing the border daily. Straddling the line of two countries has given him a unique perspective of crossing cultures and finding a place of belonging. Ubi is currently working with immigrants and teaching others to do the same. He is an area director for InterVarsity.

How will God use you in the life of an international?

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