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Peace Feast

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14 Mar. 2024

10:30 am - 11:15 am CDT

102 Participants

Peace Feasts bring Muslims and Christians together to share a meal and real faith conversations. Learn about this strategy created by Intervarsity that will help build genuine friendships between Muslims and Christians. During a Peace Feast friends explore how both the Qur’an and the Bible answer the question, “What is real peace?”. A Peace Feast is a joint effort hosted by both a Christian and Muslim friend and creates a natural environment for all to grow in their cultural awareness and understanding. It also presents numerous opportunities for the truth of Jesus to be discussed.

This webinar in an introduction to Peace Feast so you can understand how you or your ministry can utilize it to care well for your Muslim friends, learn about their faith, and share Gospel truths with confidence and sensitivity. This webinar is intended for a Christian audience. However, to share the Peace Feast idea with a Muslim friend you can visit the Peace Feast website, as it is designed for both a Muslim and Christian to view.

The webinar will be taught by Kay and Sameer. Sameer is a former Muslim and has a heart to help Christians share the Gospel with Muslims effectively. Kay has been serving students with InterVarsity for over 20 years in various cities in the US and abroad. She has served students in predominantly Muslim-contexts and loves learning about their culture. One of her favorite activities is reading the Bible with students!

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