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Thriving in Ministry This Summer

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25 May. 2023

10:30 am - 11:15 am CDT

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Summer is a time of transition for many. Graduated students have moved back to their countries of origin, some students have returned home for the summer, and others are continuing their studies or are traveling around the country. It can be a difficult time for ministry, but it can also be a fruitful time. How can you stay connected with students while they are away from campus? How can you meet new students? What unique opportunities are there during the summer months that you should take advantage of? Join us as we answer these questions and have a chance to ask your questions as well.

This webinar will be taught by Dr, Raj Aluri. Dr. Aluri is the founder and President of the International Friendship Ministries and the Columbia International Festival. He is also the founder and president of the Agape English Language Institute for Internationals, USA. He was born and grew up in India. In September of 1976, Dr. Aluri came to the United States as an international student to pursue further studies at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Dr. Aluri, founded International Friendship Ministries in 1981 with the encouragement of several churches. The ministry provides fellowship for international students and other internationals living in the United States. Hundreds of internationals have become Christians over the years through IFM. All of IFM’s ministry is carried out through local churches only.

Webinar hosted by:

Dr. Raj Aluri

How will God use you in the life of an international?

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Webinar: "Perseverance, Growth, and Change in ISM Over Four Decades" June 26th at 10:30 Central