The nations are here, now! God has orchestrated world history to bring students from around the world to North America. You want to join in loving these internationals with the love of Jesus. But how? Where do you start? Perhaps, you have the desire to serve internationals but questions abound. We designed EveryInternational to answer these questions and help you take the next steps in reaching the nations around you. Carefully curated lessons on important topics will equip you to be Christ’s ambassador to the nations.


God's Heart for the Nations

From Genesis to Revelation, God reveals Himself as a missionary God. In Genesis 12, He promises to bless Abraham so that Abraham would be blessing to the nations. Then, in Revelation 7, we see people from every ethne (people group) worshipping Jesus. God’s mission is that the nations would praise him. Experienced ministry leaders describe God’s heart for the nations and the unique and strategic role international students play in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Crossing Cultures

To engage international students with God’s love, you need to enter their world. But how? These lessons explain how to wear different cultural hats. In particular, they provide insight into the three largest people groups studying in North America: students from China, from South Asia, and from the Middle East and North Africa.

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Tips For Befriending Internationals - Group Of Women Photo

Tips for Befriending Internationals

These lessons address practical questions. How can I meet and befriend an international student? What should I do with them? How can I build trust? How can I overcome my fears? After completing these lesson, you should have many of your practical questions answered and be ready to befriend an international with confidence.

Tools for Reaching Internationals

Once you have established a relationship with an international, how can you bring up Jesus? You don’t want to be awkward and you don’t want to offend your friend. These lessons explain three tools for sharing the gospel with your new friend: your testimony, a simple Bible discussion method, and a new honor-shame digital tool.

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God’s Heart for the Nations

  • Two Suitcases, a Guitar, a Prayer and a Purpose: God’s Heart for the Future Leaders in our Midst
  • An Extra Plate at your Table: Reaching the Nations Here and Now
  • Exponential Impact: God Has Sent Internationals to You!

Bonus Lessons

  • Global Christians with a Global Vision: Gospel Collaboration to Reach Internationals
  • The "Love the Foreigner Rule": Leviticus 19 and Reaching Internationals

Crossing Cultures

  • Wearing Different Hats: Becoming Transculturally Effective
  • Curry, Cricket & Christ: Understanding and Reaching South Asians
  • WeChat & World Leaders: Understanding and Reaching Chinese Students
  • Dispelling Myths: Understanding and Reaching Muslim Students

Bonus Lessons

  • 1 Way for 1 Billion: Going the Extra Mile to Reach Hindus
  • Reaching the World by Reaching Chinese

Tips for Befriending Internationals

  • Chewing Gum & Planting Seeds: Befriending International Students
  • Spicy Russian Mustard: Overcoming Barriers to Engage New Cultures
  • International Show and Tell: Sharing Life and the Gospel Interculturally
  • Generous Lives that Build Trusting Relationships

Bonus Lessons

  • Getting to Know the Gatekeepers: How to Work with International Student Offices
  • Loving Internationals with your home

Tools for Reaching Internationals

  • Your Most Powerful Ministry Tool: Crafting your Personal Testimony
  • Transformational Bible Study: A Simple, Proven Method of Studying the Bible with Internationals
  • Honor Restored: Sharing the Gospel in Honor-Shame Cultures

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